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overviewIt’s been 27 years since Malaysian Water Association debuted its first Water Malaysia exhibition and conference; a biennial international event that encompasses all across the water cycle.

Over the years, water industry issues and solutions began more deeply integrated while others remained in silos. With increasing population pressure, changing water consumption behaviour, and climate change, failing to keep water consumption at sustainable levels has turned into a reality in some countries. 

Understanding that the way to secure our future is with collaboration and knowledge sharing, through various channels like summit of industry leaders, conferences, forums, and workshops. Most importantly to recognise and encourage the next generation of young water professionals to enable continuous efforts and solutions towards Asia’s water crisis.

We are pleased to announce that Water Malaysia Expo has been re-branded to Malaysia International Water Convention.

The Malaysia International Water Convention (MIWC) is your one stop shop for inspiration, insights, showcases, and new connections. MIWC offers different programmes catering to the varied needs of the water sector: the Water Utilities CEO Summit, MIWC Conference, MIWC exhibition & Water Loss Asia exhibition, Awards Programme, Workshops and many more networking opportunities. 

MIWC 2019 will focus on Transformation of Water Utilities and Water 4.0 with our main theme Advancing Innovation, Embracing Transformation and Securing the future, where we will discover cutting edge technologies and learn how digital disruption affect Water Utilities value chain, and the best practices for transforming water utilities.


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No single solution will achieve the circular and resilient goal. No one group holds all the answers. MIWC aims to be a platform to bring together the many voices who can play a part in securing progress. MIWC focuses on Water 4.0 will bring together scientists, engineers, governmental representatives, international aid agencies, technology innovators and utility companies from around the world to share the most relevant water-related topics and issues for discussion, and presents the latest products, innovations and solutions and technologies for the water industry.

Public Sector

Public Sector

  • Ministers and Political Leaders
  • Governors and Mayors
  • Senior Officers from City, Provincial, Central and National Governments
People Sector

People Sector

  • Academics and Researchers
  • Young Water Professionals
  • Associations and Societies
  • International Organisations & Non-Governmental Organisations
Private Sector

Private Sector

  • Urban Water System professionals
  • Drinking Water & Potable Reuse solutions
  • Water Utility Management providers
  • Data Analysts, Information Systems and Technology Professionals
  • Engineering and Construction Professionals
  • Water Management and Control Solution Providers
  • Equipment & Measuring instrument Manufacturers
  • Wastewater Treatment & Construction Providers
  • Benchmarking Water & Waste water Service

water related issues and challenges

Malaysia International Water Convention 2021
Kuala Lumpur, 20-24 September

Adapting to the New Norm: Digitalisation for the water industry

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